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Never ask for mono-recordings!!


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I've had a weird week, and what I got from the postman last morning made it all more weirder. It's a CD from Japan. But first things first...

My younger brother currently resides in Japan. He told me three weeks ago that he has met a guy from spain who also makes music, and uses Samplitude. Since my brother told me, this guy Alvaro, would also "run around with a field recorder, and record everything in Japan he get's his hands on", I asked for a mail-adress, because lately I do the exact same (run around and record everything I can lay ears on). So we had a short chat via mail. I tried my best to write in spanish, at least the few things I remember from school. Unfortuntely that a) isn't much, and B) is not specific in the means of audio. I told him that I look for every kind of mono recordings I can get. In retrospective, I should have been more specific or write in english.

To make a long story short: Yesterday I got mail from Japan, containing a CD with about two hundred mp3 tracks with strange sounds, obviously all from: monkeys. Each and every track.

I told a friend and he revisited my mail I wrote to Alvaro. He than told me that "mono recordings" is not properly translated with "grabacion de mono" (which actually is not correct by means of grammar and vocabulary), since "mono" in spanish means "monkey". Now I'm a bit wiser - but still don't know how to translate "mono recordings" into spanish. And on the other side of the world is a guy who will still in ten years remember that "strange dude from germany with a passion for monkeys".



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I just got around to seeing this!! I'm still laughing! Helps me realize my weekend wasn't nearly as bad as I'd been thinking. Thanks for posting.

PS I have some red-face memories from the year I spent in Chile on a "3-month" transition for a mining project a fair number of years ago. Didn't know any Spanish when I went down, and hadn't picked up much by the time I finally got to leave. Most of the time was dealing with process control computer-code, so the work effort didn't suffer, just my personal life. But my co-workers got a lot of entertainment out of my continuing, but ultimately unsuccessful attempts to come to grips with the language (to say I am linguistically incompetent is being very, very kind) and especially the idioms. My incompetency is well know (think high school french class: ouch just that memory is painful), and I never took any of the ribbing personally, which worked to my advantage. Made some good friends the time I was there because of it.

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hey hey we're the Monos

I got a kick outta that, too!

I wonder, though, just now many people "get it". Maybe more of this group, but I can think a few other places I've visited, and then abandoned, where it would just sail over the heads of most of the participants. Sure made my evening (it's been a LONG day). Thanks for that.

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