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Not entirely a newbie


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I bought Independence sometime ago and haven't really used it that much.

I have loaded my midi files into Cubase 8 Pro.

I have selected my instruments.

What I need to do is two things which may be translation issue in the manual.

1) How do I create muted strings con sordino? I seem to be able to do it with some of the other VSTIs (but they are not as good as independence - Garritan GPO 4 for instance is out of tune in the higher note ranges)

2) Secondly how do I create 2 solo instruments eg 2 cellos? For some reason I was drawn to this part of the GUI.


As you can see I have what looks like 2 instruments. I also right clicked on the icon picture and set as cello instead of section.

Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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