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Independence Pro Mac OS X Library Activation


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Dear Producers,

I purchased the Third Party Version of Independence Pro for Logic Pro X as I work with Logic Pro X on a Mac.

The Lib sounds good, so I gave it a shot.

after a while of installation the activation of the Independence Pro software seemed to work with the first of two P2 Codes.


there is a message which makes me wondering about the activation of the Library Content which is programmed in terms to be activated too, I guess at least.

"The library "Independence Library" is not activated!"

I am not used to ideas like that and I cannot find a menu to input the second p2 code for the content I received from the company. There is neither a hint nor an input field is being shown, as might be expected from a consumer.

Maybe this might be important in a certain way: I moved the library content folder to the SSD of my newly installed system HD, which certainly is not a problem with well known other common software.

Here´s some more magical messages to be seen in the attachments:

When trying to find the files manually, some message boxes appear saying the file cannot be read and stuff like that...

The software and the library content is installed and some authorization code is here, now let´s use some Independence Pro

How would you more MAGIX experienced guys handle this Plug In to become fully functional? Please regard me as wanting to be a user not a kind of programming guy dedicating no more unnecessary time in finding out the logic behind securing purchased software

THX a lot for everybody´s energy and patience helping me out!!






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following is the most important thing which caused your issue => I moved the library content folder to the SSD of my newly installed system HD.

With this you made the licence of the library invalid.

Only thing which is solving this issue is re-installation.

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