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Coxys - Voltanza (Neon Mix) - 100% Samplitude & ITB


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Hi Terry

Thanks for the comments

I had to make the link private as it's had some initial interest from a label and they wanted exlusivity, I just need to make a few changes to it before it goes to the mastering house.

You can still listen via private link here... I trust you guys wub.png


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Great work Coxy - it gave my Numann KH810 sub a nice workout smile.png Is it all done ITB?

Thanks Kraznet,,

Utilising KH120's here and love them so can't help feeling a bit of Neumann envy of you and your 810 SUB smile.png

Yes all ITB, a couple of third party synths, Strobe 2 main lead and bases and Serum for initial build synths however ALL effects, compression, EQ, mixdown and mastering was done with Samplitudes internal stuff. Big favourites of mine are Variverb, Ecox and Tremelopan, with Am-track being an excellent utility/character compressor in heavy use on this track.

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