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Hi guys

Me and a colleague of mine have invested in some space, treatment and gear to set up a dedicated mixing and mastering business.

He's qualified audio engineer and has been building his studio outboard for a number of years whilst I've helped finance some other pieces of gear amongst other things.

You can check us out at www.maroxaudio.co.uk and social links currently at twitter.com/maroxaudio and soundcloud.com/maroxaudio

Point to note is we're happy to do a few mixes and masters for anyone here free of charge, don't worry if you feel your work is not "worth it" - we're both hungry for something to do at the moment as we work to build our reputation so any work we get even free is appreciated and we'd be happy to help you lift your tracks up a bit with some professional mixing/mastering touches.

We specialist mostly in electronic as it's where we've had the majority of teachings and experience but should be able to help out with most genres.

If you're interested then drop me a pm or email us at mastering@maroxaudio.co.uk

Kind regards.


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