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Community Manager Mathias introduces himself


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Dear Community,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mathias. I'm 28 years old and have worked at MAGIX since 2013.

I'm responsible for the community at magix.info and I'm very happy to announce that I will also manage the MAGIX Samplitude & Sequoia Board. I will be following the ongoing discussions and provide moderators with information that they can help out other users as well as possible.

Since I'm not personally a musician, I won't be able to provide help directly regarding Samplitude or Seqouia workflows. However, as the community manager I will be your contact at MAGIX and will do my very best to deliver the best support possible by utilizing the experience and knowledge within the company to answer questions about topics, which are important to the community.

I'm very excited to work with such a great community and happy to get to know a lot of you!

Greetings from Berlin,


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Hi Mathias H,

Welcome!! This is long overdue and great news smile.png Look forward to your participation and help.

Best regards


PS it's probably a good idea to post this on the "Samplitude software related topics" forum as well because that's where most people hang out.

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Hi Mathias,

Would it be possible to post a list of known defects (bugs) and associated workarounds or planned fix dates?

This would be very helpful.

Also would it be possible to list requested features and requested enhancements?

I understand the need for some secrecy as regards major features, and that is NOT what I am asking for.

Thank you in advance!


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@Lindsey: Obviously you can always start a thread discussing features you want to have. But my plan is, after a release (not immediately), I will start feedback threads and I will report the results to the appropriate team(s).

Regarding the bug list: I really can't say if this is possible but I'm aware that this would be a huge help for the forum. I will need some time to discuss that matter internally before I can give you a definite answer. So, please be patient.

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Greetings Mathias,

                I also am a new member of the group and hope to learn lots. I had a lot of issues installing ProX under windows 10. I have been running windows 10 for almost a year and everything has been handled by windows update. To get Samplitude ProX to work at all I had to get a disk image of the latest build and install it. Then ProX runs. It has been a busy month. While I don't know Samplitude yet, I have a lot of experience installing and reinstalling the software and making it work under windows 10. Welcome and thanks to you all.

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