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Need to add simple end chord to music track


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Still progressing with Samp ProX 3 and loving it.

Okay, I assembled a pre-bought, royalty-free set of loops

and have them set the way desired.

However, as is so usual with a lot of these tracks, there's no

definitive "ending" like a chord sustain so I'd like to add one.

At this point in time

I'm merely fading out the final loop but there is one little

hit near the end of it that could indeed be a closing chord.

What I need to do is use the internal keyboard I see

and re-inforce that existing chord I hear with a single note and sustain.

I've not ventured this far into Samplitude and midi isn't

my first language so please be kind. :)

Need to record this chord to a single track and if I'm off

a bit can always adjust. What's there now sounds like a

major 7th chord which would be just fine for ending the piece.

ANY easy to follow advice/instruction would be most welcome and indeed appreciated!

Ideally of course, I would just hit one key and it plays a major 7th but could

probably figure out the right keys to use on the typing keyboard for those notes.

It could be a piano I suppose or preferably a string setting.

Hope this is something easy to do in Samp.



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Step recording is also a good way to go, and helps you learn the MIDI editor. See the manual for that.

Kraznet mentions it in this video:

Here is an essential article from MAGIX on getting set up for MIDI, but you likely already know all of this.

This article by MAGIX starts you off on using the editor.

I do not know of "one-key chord" setups, but I wouldn't doubt it is possible somehow.


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Thanks Terry

I believe I watched that video but will check again.

Thanks for the other tips too.

This should be an easy task of course

but not until I have that sublime moment of discovery! ;-)

My brain's blocking this for some reason.

Maybe it's a midi-life crisis sort of thing.


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Are your loops audio or midi? If they're midi, although it may be getting too "granular" you could also try making the chord an object (cut right before it), then opening it in the midi editor and "stretch" the duration of the notes.

If they're audio, and you have the Suite version, you try out the Melodyne audio to midi function first.

I've actually bought the ProX2Suite-to-ProX3Suite upgrade right near the end of the last promotion (10/27), but it literally just arrived in today's post, and honestly I don't have anywhere near the time to even fiddle with installing it right now. Just what I need: new toys.

Just thought of what might be another possibility along the one key chord approach. Quite a while back (I think I was only using Samp 11Pro at the time) I tried out a VSTi demo called Harmony Improvisator. That may still be out there, as well as other similar offerings. I really considered buying it, but I'm not much of a composer, and it really didn't fill a real need in the typical audio work I was doing at the time.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Yes, working with Samp 3 Suite.

Like yourself, finding time to explore all the options available,

and especially midi, I put your thoughts on a list to investigate

for future needs.

As it turns out, after following along some of the videos and lists

proffered by Terry, I was at least able to generate sound out of

my internal keyboard.

Managed to find a pad that could work and recorded three notes

individually which worked for the given need.

Yes, I took a look briefly at Melodyne and was amazed.

Interesting idea you mentioned as well about stretching

the midi. Never occurred to me. Yes, the loops are audio.

Once again, some great forum advice and

I thank you both.

Best regards, Bob

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