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Load VIDEO advice?


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I've read about more than a few problems with video and Samplitude but they

were written some time back and referring to older versions of Samplitude.

I'm currently on Samp Prox 3 Suite.

Wondering if anyone might be so kind as to offer some tips on

working with video files before I spend 3 hours driving myself crazy

on hit or miss experiments. Just did one and the software locked. :)

Hoping some progress has been made since earlier versions.

Many thanks, Bob

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Thanks for input.

I did update and saw.

Tried loading a video that's Mpeg 4 h264

Samplitude hiccupped and generated a report which I sent.

It then suggested I tried rebooting it and I did and tried again.

THIS TIME.....the video loaded and I loaded video with audio.

However, only about 50% of the audio loaded (front end of audio)

and was shifted to the rear of the video.

I've sent them a note on this as well. At least now I'm able

to load a video and have it play okay with big screen as well.

I'll post here of any additional findings/success that I'm able to retrieve.

Thanks, Bob

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