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ProX3 and Jaws: unicode characters in some menus?

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Hi, just thought I'd post the first bug on the forum, even though Tom is aware of it :). In Samplitude ProX3 we're having to modify a number of template files that use the Magix Corpid font, which is read incorrectly by Jaws. It seems as if the same issue is still persisting with some menus, e.g, EQ116 and quantize, but I'm unable to find a template that would effect this behaviour, in order to modify it. So, if Magix can nail this one, we will be in a really good place with ProX3, as the scripts now are working like a dream. THX Steve.

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Just on this particular issue. Currently, we are manually editing template files in the Camo skin...will this still be needed in any future fix, or can this be incorporated into a new build somehow? Lastly, just to confirm, is the registry fix for the use of Magix Corpid font that was done for samplitude ProX2 still needed for X3? or is it now built in the program? I am now starting work on an installer and need to know what steps we need to do. THX Steve.

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A few months ago, an employee from Support team told me that the accessibility container, or earlier Visually Impaired (for Pro X and Pro X2) was designed for Pro
X, but this container is based on the skins of Samplitude 11 Pro. This is also due to the fact that the default view of Samplitude Pro X has a different
menu bar than in the Accessibility view. For example, in the Standard view, the Track Effects menu does not exist in the Track menu, but everything is
made from the Effects menu. Why is that? Were the skins of Samplitude Pro X not able to harmonize with the accessibility mode?


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