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bring back pluginchain saving!

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this was missed and requested over and over since pro x2.

now that we have this new part of the forum (featurerequests and bugs), which is great and much appreciated by the way, i thought i make a start with this one :)


please bring back pluginchain saving in masterbus, tracks and objects!!!

together with the ability to load these chains on masterbus, tracks and objects.


this was one great feature of prior versions and you should now by now (if you followed the reactions in here), that many people used this and miss it dearly. :)

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hello mathias,

yes thats a speacial forum for accessibility related topics. The reason for this forum is that samplitude wants to be accessible for all, so we need a little bit help to know what is not working when you switch off your monitor and just use your keyboard.

but i will discus a new feature request thread in the team ok?



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hey tom, thanks for the reply!

it's great to see you active here! this kind of action was dearly missed.

and yes please, discuss it with the team :)

if there are resources to moderate a features and bugs part of this forum, i believe it could be a great additional help for samplitude and its refinement/evolution as a program.


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