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Indicating tracks in the Accessibility.inz

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Hi, in the new Accessibility.inz file, we now have a "+" symbol that indicates the selected track, which works very well when scripting tracking of the selected track etc, but due to the possibility that someone could type this symbol into the name of a track or project name for example (voice+choir), is it possible to replace it with some other character? Also, This symbol does not appear next to a folder, which breaks this method of knowing what's selected....could we please have this symbol indicating folders as well please? THX

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Hi Tom. No, not to replace the "+" in a name, but the "+" we currently have indicating a track. So, at the moment:

+1 S:Track name.

change to:

~1 S: Track name.

Regarding folder tracks:

|Folder name.

Also, would it be possible to extend this to the rest of the possibilities: For example:

^Revolver track name.

{AuxTrack name.

}Sub mix track name.

[surround track name

Then, the scripts will be able to identify each track and announce what type of track it is very easily. Plus it will be very very fast. If you need to discuss this further, please get in touch. many thanks for all your hard work :) Steve.

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Sorry, my English isn't really quite good, but did I understand you correctly that the plus symbol should not be the symbol that signs a track as a selected track?

I for example helped a good friend to install and run Pro X3 on his Laptop and when I saw the new skin with the new way of track selection with the plus symbol, I was really surprised and I thougt, yes, that was a great idea.


Regards, Patrick

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Hi Patrick and Tom. The reason I wanted the change was simply because the "+" can often be used in a track name for example. So, a user could put "track1: Tom+Patrick Vox" or "track 1: violin+cello combo".

As you know Tom, the scripts I've written will benefit greatly from being able to search for this indicator, making track/folder selection reliable and very fast. So, the indicator is there to not only give the information to a braille user, but also for the script code to work more efficiently....and we don't want to search for indicators that could be used/inputted by a user.  If a user put the "+" sign into a track name at the moment, the scripts could find that indicator, even though it is not the selected track.  Hope you understand.  I originally suggested the "+" indicator, which I later realised could be used in the ways outline above. Steve.

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Hi guys!


Now I've talked with some others who also use Samplitude, and they also prefer the "+" to "~". Now I've a question: there are also differences in german Braille to english Braille. The period which looks like . (point 3 on a german Braille Display) looks like $ (points 4 and 6 on a Braille Display) in English Braille, for example. Is there a possibility to create two different versions in the Accessibility skins that the English skin has the "~" in the track and the german skin has the "+" in the track? If that doesn't work, my second question is:

may it can be possible, if someone really doesn't like the "~" symbol, that he or she can change it individually to the "+" symbol?

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Patrick, I understand it from a braille point of view and appreciate that you don't use this symbol when naming your tracks.  The thing is, an accessibility solution should be built on "access" and not on personal likes or dislikes.  Now, I'm prepared to leave it with Tom to decide what to do, as I write the code for the Samplitude scripts and you and others use braille, so it's up to him to make the decision and decide what direction we go in with  Samplitude's accessibility.  I'm pretty sure it's going to be 1 thing or the other, as it's impossible for him to accommodate everyones wishes. I'll respect whatever he decides to do :).

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