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Samplitude's plug-ins preset list

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Hi all,
 first, let me quote what the manual has to say about this.


If an instrument has presets, these are displayed in the "Program slot" ("Prg") with their internal name (if "MIDI" mode is activated).
This dropdown menu can be used to easily "step through" the presets of your instrument. These presets may also be selected using the instrument window's
"Program" menu.

If your MIDI input device can send "Program change" commands, you can also directly select programs of this instrument. The program slot is automatically
updated in the track to provide an overview of the program at all times


This menu Is well accessible with jaws screenreader, and is very convenient to us visually impaired users  for selecting our favourite instruments presets.
Unfortunately, as some of you may know, today's plug-ins show their presets in their own gui, and this list is often empty.

We need to be able to add presets to this list,, it would in fact be the only way blind users could access plug-ins presets in Samplitude.

Thanks for your help,




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