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Kevin Gibbs

Expansion of Drum Editor to include multi-port and channel IN/OUT

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I wish to suggest a feature that exists in Sonar and which I used in an unique manner.  In Sonar it was called Drum Map Manager.  Its purpose was to allow users to create custom drum kits using snares from one kit, cymbals from another and toms and kicks from yet another.  I took this one step further by creating keyboard splits that would assign one region of the keyboard to one port and channel and the remainder of the keyboard to another port and channel.  The function al result was a keyboard split that gave chordal sounds, piano, string bed, etc to one timber and melodic timbers, solo violin, solo cello, solo clarinet, etc to another.  


In practice one would assign a MIDi note IN, such as note #12, coming in on the default MIDi IN port to note #24, one octave higher, on a completely different port and channel.  As a bonus, I took advantage of a MIDi filter feature that Sonar had to restrict the kinds of CC messages that Sonar would allow on a given output port and channel so that, with respect to the melodic portion of the keyboard, CC64 was blocked.  This prevented melodic lines from being slurred inappropriately while preserving the legato character of harmonies.


An additional possibility for live players would be to split your keyboard into things like half bass, half guitar, or half bass, half piano, ideal for live performance.    


The current drum editor in Samplitude does not facilitate this and it should.  


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me e-mail directly at:





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