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Windows 7 and iLok update problem


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This was an odd problem and so I thought I would share it here. This morning I received an update message through my iLok Manager program. Latest version 3.1.4 was available. When I tried to install it, I got a cryptic error message saying my version of Windows 7 was not up to date. So I run the Windows update utility and waited for it to show all the important and option updates I was missing. Seemed as though I had the latest of everything. A quick search produced the answer. There is a sort of "hidden" update numbered KB3125574 that has to be installed before you can update iLok Manager. This is a large "convenience rollup" package. Might take a few minutes to download and install the complete bundle.

You can find the file here


If you do a search on KB3125574 you'll find a number of references to it already (I found it on Gearslutz and Avid and Sweetwater websites). Why it didn't show up as an important (or even optional update) is unclear. 


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