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Problems with a specific menu point in Pro X3 and Pro X3 Suite (now in English)

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Hello there! I wrote it last niht in German, but I think it can be good and usefull, if the English readers also get the message of a quite interesting problem.


Yesterday I had a talk with Christopher Kopel, and we realized that there is a problem with a specific menu point in Samplitude Pro X3, in both editions, the Standard Edition and the Suite.


If I enter the menu bar with the menu button and scroll to the menu "Tools", there is a menu point called "Bounce internal mixdown". In this menu there is a Checkbox, in which you can set the Quality of mixdown, for example from "Very good" to "Extremely high 1 or 2". If you finish your quality setting, you can click the "OK"-button, but if you want to continue navigating through the menu for other settings, Pro X3 crashs the menu and you are in the main window with the tracks, but the menu is actually active in background. So you must start the menu again or you can call the window list with "JAWS-button" and F10 for searching the menu window.

I don't know if this bug is only visible for us blind and visually-impaired users or the normal-seeing users too. Now I want to know: is there any user who has the same problems with that menu? In that case I think it's usefull that Tom could contact the Support or the developers to fix that bug.


Regards from Austria,


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