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Samplitude/Sequoia and related software: Links to Tutorials, Articles and Reviews etc


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This will be a pinned topic where I will post links to tutorials, reviews and articles related to Samplitude, Sequoia and other related software like Sound Forge and Spectral Layers Pro. I will update these links over time. I will keep this thread locked and purely for reference. PM me if you find any new links that might be useful.

Regards, Kraznet

Very good collection of Tutorials in PDF form that come with Samplitude Pro X3:

Tutorials_EN.pdf Tutorials_DE.pdf

You can watch my Samplitude video tutorials here: www.youtube.com/kraznet

My review of Samplitude Pro X3 for Sound on Sound magazine: https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/magix-samplitude-pro-x3

These are official MAGIX tutorials which are very useful Including Spectral Layers Pro:  http://www.magix-audio.com/us/tutorials/

Ask Audio review of  Pro X3:  https://ask.audio/articles/review-samplitude-pro-x3

Pro X3 review from Roessler Mastering: http://roessler-mastering.com/blog/samplitude/

Sound Forge Pro 11 training although not free: https://www.groove3.com/Sony-training-video-tutorials/Sound-Forge-Pro-11-for-Windows-Explained

Soundforge Mac Review  https://www.emusician.com/gear/review-magix-sound-forge-pro-mac-3

Samplitude controller settings by Terry Britton: http://terrybritton.com/samplitude-hardware-controller-mapping/

Here are old videos for Samplitude / Sequoia. Specific features as Sequoia's Crossfade Editor are covered there:

BlueDustStudio - interesting article about AM-Track:

Tim Dolbear's videos:

The MAGIX Magazine - Audio Archives:

MAGIX Tutorials - Free online video tutorials:

Sound on Sound - Magix Plug-ins:

Sound on Sound - Magix Vandal:

Sound on Sound - Short Review for Sequoia 14:


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From the @Johnny Blade collectionThanks!!

"Here's what I've been saving for a long time. To some more current links I noticed that they are already posted here, so many of them still refer to the Pro X2 version.

Feel free to choose what is useful or, if nothing is very interesting, at least here is the record of something at least interesting":

Sound on Sound - Complete Search for Samplitude:

gearnews.com - Samplitude Pro X3:

BuenasIdeas - Samplitude Pro X3 (german language):

MusicTech - Samplitude Pro X2 Review:

SoundBytes Magazine - Samplitude Pro X2:

Blogcritics - Samplitude Pro X2:

RPGameX - Magix Samplitude Pro X2:

Also, I've attached a comparison between the Pro X2, Pro X2 Suite and Sequoia 13 versions, which details precisely the differences between these monsters.Unfortunately, I have never found a comparison for the most current versions.

There is also an executable file attached: "Plugins Editor.exe" It is the result of an attempt to better organize Samplitude plugins. It was given to me by a Spanish programmer - a Samplitude lover like me - and I was released to share it. It's basic, rustic, standalone application, yet stable. The programmer was totally unaware of the English language, and I was helping him to the translations when we lost touch forever, so the program is not very well translated (even though I'm still learning the English language...).

I hope I've cooperated with something here. I have deep desire to collaborate with this community. I'm very happy here.

Product Comparison 2015.pdf

Plugins Editor.exe

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