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SpectraLayers in Audio Mastering

Johnny Blade

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Hi, I'll try to start learn about SpectraLayers and I'm going to watch some video tutorials and read articles.

Anyway, it seems, in a primary view, that the tool was designed mainly for mixing.

Is SpactraLayers useful for mastering too? Is it a kind of very advanced Samp's Spectral View? Which is its main purposes: clean files, merge files or general editing?

Thanks in advanced... :(

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I have played around with SpecLayers and have had a lot of fun so far. It doesn't do everything that is Magix (see what I did there), but I have used it on several things for fixing what I either couldn't or wouldn't bother to do in the past. I found it really useful for cleaning an acoustic guitar part and an acoustic jazz guitar solo part from string scrapes in a pretty revolutionary way, I also managed to remove air noise from a trumpet solo, but I have also used it for some forensic type stuff and it excelled at that. While I was doing all of that I managed to isolate some really interesting sounds that I saved and so I can see what they mean about the sound design aspect too. For me, SpectralLayers was worth the investment in the deal, but I am also loving Samplitude too which I had never taken seriously in the past. I am now really glad the deal came along and that I went for it!

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