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Hello from yet another Sonar Refugee!!


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Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Gibson sent me packing.  I rushed on to find another DAW. I have Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio and was considering renewing my Reaper license. I haven't used Reaper for quite a long time.  In the meantime, I came across the spectacular deal for Samplitude Pro X3 Suite. Very grateful for that. I am loving Samplitude so far. I get the occasional "lost ASIO buffer" message but I played around with some settings and it seems to be fine now. Although I am new to the software I am already comfortable with the basics. I have much more to learn but that's ok. And on that note I'd like to send out major kudos to Kraznet and Tim Dolbear. I've learned so much from your tutorials and can't thank you both enough for the time and dedication you've put into making them. THANK YOU!! I look forward to the days ahead! 



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Yep another Sonar refugee here! Got in just in time on a too good to pass up deal on Sammy.

Sammy silver was my first DAW off a music mag but I soon went to Sonar 6,7 and eventually to X3

Have been using Reaper more and more but decided to buy SonarPro on Halloween special and before I got a chance to download it Cakewalk closed. They kindly gave me a refund.

Geo and I go way back to the days of Standalone Recorders and were members of a Korg forum that Geo was a moderator of and as more and more members went onto computer recording over the years changed it's name to Studio Trax to which we are still members;  now as user group StudioTrax on Facebook and it's moderator Ron has also jumped ship from Sonar to Sammy.

I also recognize quite a few Cakewalk members here now too.

My Sammy is d/loading and am pleased to be reunited and look foreward to learning it and thank you for what help you give in the future!




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Hey Bart...

It's great to see you here my friend. Congrats on your purchase. You're absolutely going to love Samplitude.The forums are friendly and warm too. So far anyway...:D Be sure to check out the tutorials by Kraznet and Tim Dolbear. These guys have a wealth of knowledge and are very generous in sharing it. Cheers Mate!

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