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Setup another Monitoring/Solo Bus?


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I intermittently use my headphones and my studio monitors.  I see where the Solo/Monitoring Bus can be set to an output and volume controlled with the Monitoring Volume knob.  Fine.  I can set the output of this to my headphones and control the volume with the Monitoring Knob while leaving the Master fader at unity.  Occasionally I like to use my studio speakers.  The output of the Master bus can be set to these speakers, but I cant see any simple way to control the volume on the computer screen.  this is where I like the 'Control Room' in Cubase, as I can easily setup as many Monitoring buses and easily switch between them.  In Sonar I could set up sends off of the Master Channel to control volume to both headphones and speakers. I dont see a way to set up sends off the Master Bus in Samplitude.  

Is there a way to set up another Solo/Monitoring Bus to allow me to control the speaker volume in Samplitude?  Thanks for your responses!  Somehow I think I am missing something very simple here!

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It appears there are some ways to set additional buses to be called a 'monitor' bus.  Not exactly what I was looking for, but that work around will do.  The other option was just to migrate over to Cubase.  

I also just got a Mackie 'Big Knob,'  and with this I can control the volume from two separate outputs from my VS-100.  Actually this will work better than having a software volume controller.  

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