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Monitor Levels Question (Answered)

Larry Jones

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Another displaced SONAR user here. In fact, SONAR is the only DAW I've ever used, so please forgive me if my questions are kind of rudimentary.:mellow:

What is the usual way in Samplitude Pro X3 to set listening levels -- especially on MIDI instruments -- while tracking? I have made a basic template: Addictive Drums, MIDI bass, MIDI piano and electric guitar. I'm having trouble controlling the monitor mix. For example, raising and lowering the fader on the piano (either in the mixer or the arranger) has no effect on the loudness I'm hearing. I'm sure there must be a way to adjust the "control room" mix while working on a project, but I haven't found it. Grateful for any suggestions -- thanks!

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Hi Larry and welcome to the forum and Samplitude.

There are a couple of settings to bear in mind when using VSTi's. Right click on the fader and make sure you choose "controls audio track volume" from the list. Also press Y and go to MIDI and make sure you have "don't change volume fader mode" enabled. 

Regards, Kraznet

Right click on any fader:

volume fader mode 1.jpg

Enable "don't change volume fader mode" to make this setting default:

Volume fader mode 2.jpg

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Kraznet - That's it! Thank you! When I do PC tech support I always tell folks "When in doubt, right-click. There's at least a 50% chance you'll see the solution." Ha! I should remember to take my own advice. I will in the future as I work on Samplitude, but I predict you'll be seeing more dumb questions from me as time goes on.

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