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Larry Jones

Precision Adjustments

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Does anyone know if there is a way to increase the granularity of mouse adjustments in Samplitude? I mean like is there a key you can press while setting a level that changes the accuracy of mouse movements so that, for example, a mm of mouse motion equals a smaller adjustment to the virtual "dial" you are turning than it normally would? Photoshop has something like this, and SONAR. Some of the adjustments in Samplitude are difficult to get right because the range of movement is so small, like aux sends in the mixer -- on my screen it is about .75 mm from "off" to "run for your life." I don't seem to have the words to clearly describe what I'm asking for, but SONAR users will know what I mean, so please chime in if you can explain it better. Thanks!

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here's the info from the readme Larry:

Mousewheel step sizes.jpg

Just to sum up:

1 - Mousewheel without modifiers moves in 1.0 dB steps
2 - Mousewheel with Ctrl modifier moves in 10 dB steps
3 - Mousewheel with Shift modifier moves in 0.10 dB steps

Regards, Kraznet

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