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A quick test I did with Samplitude.


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Hi Folks,


Just wanted to post a short snippet I recorded with Samplitude. I am doing a bunch of short pieces so I can concentrate on and learn the workflow. I am really enjoying Sammy and it does sound very warm and analog to my ears. I know there's much controversy about DAWS in the sound department but I've used and owned enough of them to tell there truly is a difference with Sammy. 

Here's the link to my sample. https://app.box.com/s/a0gt7itmzv4elrnot159hyjfw1006oma

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Thanks Kraznet. There's definitely a warmth to Sammy that I don't hear in any other DAW I've owned or used so far. Even just importing tracks from Sonar into Samplitude. I noticed a difference. Sammy seems to add character, some sort of mojo to the tracks. No doubt about it. 

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