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SOUND FORGE Pro 12 release candidate


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Update: latest build can be found here:





Dear beta user,


we are happy and proud to provide you our release candidate for SOUND FORGE Pro 12.


you can download an iso image with the installer to our SOUND FORGE DVD Installer.




You can easy download it, mount it as dvd drive and start the start.exe. You will have the possibility to install 64 bit / 32 bit of SOUND FORGE Pro 12, Ozone Elements, Rx Elements, Impulse Responses for Accustic Mirror, Noise Reduction Pack...


We was working hard in the last time on VST improvements and lots of issues you reported to us. We could not include all of your feedback but the version is now much more stable and we have a very good feeling with the release. We still have time for improvments on stability so your feedback will be gold worth for us.


Thank you very much for your help and your confidence.



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SF12 RC instantly crashes/freezes Windows 10 at "Initializing audio engine..." when you use a professional (and rather expensive) German soundcard from SonicCore (using the newest SCOPE environment/driver).

This does not happen with other ASIO software like Sound Forge Pro v14, Vegas 14, Vegas 15 and Reaper.


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it is possible that we found that bug. we would like to send you a beta version that you can test it. so if you already deleted the registry key then you can recover it with installing the key again. so you can reproduce this crash. then i will give you a beta version with a bugfix and we can check if the bug is also fixed for you

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