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orchestral and MIDI Composing with Seq/Sam coming from Apple

tim 1973

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Dear Magix Community,

I would like to check out writing orchestral arrangements in Sequoia. I use VSL.  checked out a bit on CCs which seems good so far.

Maybe I can find some colleages here who would help me out a bit in:

Organising and Visibility of Instrument Groups (Strings, Brass, Drums etc). Its nice to fold them together and expand to reduce visible tracks in a bigger project

Overall implementation of Vienna Ensemble, Firewalls etc. (I know, its not 100% software related)

Tips and Trixx to start coming from another platform composing wise for larger MIDI/Audio Projects to check out a bit more. Maybe its a good idea to mix software for different purposes, but it would be a dream to just use one from Composition to Mastering, as a project grows sound wise, too when I work on a piece. I like to playback a good sound while working on a creative project and perform the mix this way during the creative process....


Thanks so much, Kraznet, for your Tutorials

Thanks to Everybody

Best regards


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