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Major Win 10 Pro 64x CRASH


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Installed from the ISO SoundForge 12 Pro on my Windows 64 Pro machine. Validated the serial number. Tried opening the program. It would not complete startup and crashed Windows with the progress bar on the SoundForge logo at maybe 20%. I rebooted and tried one more time. Crashed again in the same manner. However Windows with no longer reboot I am over four hours away from the last crash and looking at least another three or four hours for my drive to be restored from a backup. I will have no interest in looking at this file until there is an update. I would also like to get a phone call from a senior tech telling me what's going on on my very stable state-of-the-art motherboard which is a supermicro X11 DA I – and powered by all Intel's scalable processors, the silver 41110.



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hello sirbil,

i already got your email. Is it possible that you use a sonic core audio interface?

an other usernamed davey, also here in the beta group had the same issue. i am in contact with him to solve that issue. If you also have any contact persons at sonic, maybe you can get me in contact with them?

I really need to talk with them.

Thank you very much.


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I thinkl the main installer has the 32 bit install option. Go to the MAGIX service canter, log into your account and select 'My Products' for the latest  build.

The 64 bit version works fine on my Win 10 PC, aside from a few DX plug-ins are not being available.. an inconvenience I can work around with SF Pro 10 or 11.

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