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ARA Melodyne not audible - SampProX3

tim 1973

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Hey Guys,


worked the whole day on Melodyne which functioned like a charm. Somehow I just lost the ability to playback when editing the blobs. I have a bigger project using several tracks and clips with  melodyne. Not Mixed Down yet.


I set the following:

Audiosettings to Software Monitoring

Switched the Loudspeaker symbol in the track fader on and off

The kind of strange thing is, when I started playback and then edit the blobs, sometimes I can hear the editing, sometimes not....

On one track I see visually that melodyne sends out Audio, but it does not get through Samplitude Pro X3


Maybe there is a small button I oversaw or basic settings somewhere, that I switched unfortunately


Thanks for your help




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I came across this article because yesterday I was a bit more involved with Melodyne as well.
I've seen in several tutorials that when you click on the "blobs" you can hear the corresponding sound.

I can confirm this, it doesn't seem to work in Sam (here ProX3) either when using Melodyne in the object editor. However, it works in the standalone version of Melodyne!

Maybe someone still knows a tip on how to do this within Sam?


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I've finally found a solution to this annoying problem, which occurs when the file analysed by Melodyne is not mono:

- Open the mixing console and select the channel strip featuring Melodyne

- Make the channel temporary "MONO" by ticking the 'Mono' attribute in the upmost element of the channel strip.

When you're finished editing with Melodyne you can set back the channel to its previous state.



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I tried a lot with the settings you mentioned.

My best shot as starting out is not to use the VST PlugIn in addition to the ARA clips.

After a restart of Samplitude, the playback seems to be independent of the Mono setting and the Monitor switch on the channel strip. Glad to see some tuts in Melodyne Samp respect. :-)




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