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Samplitude Metadata Editing?

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I will release my single soon.Recording,mixing and mastering done with Samplitude Pro X3.

But i can't find any metadata editor in Samplitude.It's OK for CD distribution but i will release my single on digital platforms.I just want to edit metadata and artwork.Is it possible with Samplitude?

Also if it's not possible with Samplitude,can you suggest me any free software to do that?

I searched little bit and found Mp3tag.It's free works and with .wav files.

Here is link;


Any one using this one? Or any alternative?




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I did a reply in your question here: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=502461&p=7044888#p7044888

Anyway, this what I wrote there:

"Samplitude is complete:

Menu CD/DVD ---> CD Text / MP3 ID Editor (it works fine with .wav too)


Press Y. Go to Project Options ---> Info."

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TagScanner takes a little bit of getting used to, but I really like it a lot.

PS: A word of warning about tagging .wav files. There are two ways of doing this, and it's about 50-50 what software uses which approach:

1) The correct way: Using RIFF data chunks. This works for both .wav files, .avi files and all the other many files formats that are based on the RIFF container (the first 4 bytes of such a binary file says "RIFF"). This is an official part of the whole RIFF container standard, and Samplitude does this correctly.

2) The wrong way: Using an mp3 format id3 tag placed in the .wav file. As far as I recall, VLC does this, and this practise should be strongly discouraged.

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