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Correction: Samplitude Pro X3 Waveform behaviour and Display Settings

Guest mf45mite

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Guest mf45mite

Hey guys, I've been looking for a professional DAW for audio editing, podcast production and some radio stuff quite a while now. I heard Magix Sequoia is used by some broadcast stations so I decided to get Magic Samplitude, because they are related in some ways. I've been working my way into the Software and tried to find some help in the 1080 pages user manual but couldn't manage solving my questions with it. Since I'm quite frustrated and desperate at this point I hoping for advice.

1.     Is there any possibility to set up the VU-Meter (don’t know if it's the correct term, I mean the dB-level loudness bar) permanently without the lines going throughout the whole waveform? (Image 1) I mean I want to see the loudness scale shown generally at the left side but without the lines like in mp3DirectCut (Image 2). I worked around with the bar pattern settings already but it didn't solve my issue.

Image 1:



Image 2: mp3DirectCut.thumb.JPG.318585cd34c479cc71a0662319fa4d0d.JPG

2.     I would like to change the waveform display into the staircase-shaped Manhattan skyline-like look. (like in Image 2) I tried around with the waveform options and played with the option box "halved waveform" (Image 3, 4) but didn't make any difference. I would like the waveform fixed at the bottom rising up and down instead of the regular waveform like it's in mp3DirectCut or DigAS Singletrack Editor (Image 5).

Image 3: 5ac6b342e8115_SamplitudeSettings2.thumb.jpg.cbd5cfe940a5a8770e7fef5b8d6584e8.jpg


Image 4: 5ac6b3b7bfd49_Rasterenglisch.thumb.png.4676f8d003f2d284cb8699ebdb7a7157.png


Image 5: 5ac6b6317eb46_Singletrack1.thumb.png.7c722ff26574a27afb10292f221e9e2a.png


dB-Scale and grid permanently.png


Samplitude Settings 2.jpg

Raster englisch.png

Singletrack 1.png

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