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Split object at each bar (or beat)


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I have a fairly long .wav file object that I want to cut at each bar so that it becomes many separate objects of the same length.

I could probably do this manually by enabling snap-to-grid and then cut using the mouse.  But I wonder if there's an automatic way to do this?

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I don't know such automatic function, but I think you could do that with a shortcut sequence like : create a range of one bar, split, move the range by one bar, split, move the range, etc...

Or set the snap-to-grid to one bar to move the cursor by one bar with the right arrow, and split with T.

Perhaps there's something to do with AutoHotkey... ?


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I reached the same conclusion, so I assigned a hotkey to "split object" and repeated the hotkey sequence: Arrow-right, split, arrow-right, split ...

It worked.  But considering how Samplitude generally has a bazillion features, I still have a feeling that maybe there is a feature like this hiding in there somewhere. :)

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