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Find myself agreeing with Pete on this. For example, there seem to be some oddities for example in system/options accessed with the letter Y when in Samplitude. E.G. you land in the middle of the dialog box rather than at the start which is not standard Windows UI design.


Further more there seem to be some inconsistencies E.G. when you navigate across the hardware section there is an “apply button” which does not appear anywhere else in system/options.


The MIDI editor is another interesting Window E.G. there doesn’t appear to be any way to use the tab key to navigate across the Window to all controls etc.


Then there are various "OK" buttons scattered throughout the UI that can't be triggered with the standard Windows keystroke, Alt and the letter O.


Samplitude seems to contain a number of Windows like this such as the EQ116 which again has the same issue with the tab key E.G. no way for anyone to navigate to various controls in that Window without using a mouse. Further more, keyboard shortcuts could be easily added to various buttons in the EQ which would enhance Samplitude for power users who prefer to use the keyboard over a mous.


I suspect that fixing UI design like this wouldn’t take very long at all but would certainly enhance the experience for all end users after all good UI design/accessibility benefits all :-)

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