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German summer tour


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The band I joined last year (very old friends) just toured through Europe, Germany being the country we spent the most time in.

Never been there before. LOVE IT!  I found the German people fantastic; well educated, polite, gracious, kind and patient, not to mention largely digging the precise nature of their speech and actions. :)

Looking forward to going back in a few weeks, then again next year (Wacken etc).

Here are the band's future dates  http://www.rosetattoo.com.au/tourdates

BTW, I'll be taking a Kemper this time - we went through 9 hire Marshalls of varying suitability, which I do not want to do again!!



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Great to hear Bob, I've toured in Germany a lot since the early 90's and I totally agree with all you say, LOVE IT! :)

Wise decision to bring the Kemper, it's always nice to know what amp you'll have for the gig's on tour ... :) I have live bit closer to Germany than you so we usually drive from Sweden and can bring the full backline, but sometimes I have a small rig with an old Line 6 Pod and a Electro Harmonix Magnum 44 for small gigs ... that small Magnum 44 plays surprisingly loud. :)

Enjoy the rest of your tour!

Cheers, Thomas

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