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Diverse Electronic Music


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I make highly atmospheric and melodic music of genres ranging from full ambient to hard hitting dubstep. I put a whole myself into it so i'll be glad if you would check it out.

I've been only using Samplitude's stock or free plugins. (which is a lot of Revolta 2 synthesis)

Of course music speaks for itself the best.


My SoundCloud is the most successful, you can find all the other links there if you want.


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Hi Simon,

Really nice and very well done. So far I've listened to One Thought About Existence and Lonely Wanderer and they are both excellent and expansive with a really rich sound. Nice to hear Samplitude being used in this area of music. Keep up the good work!!

Regards, Kraznet

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I've never heard others having this issue and i know people that are listening from the USA.

When this rarely happens to me it's because something went wrong with my internet connection and refreshing the page always helps.

This might also be when you are running ASIO and it blocks all other audio.

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after nearly 3 years I think it's alright to hit you guys up with an update. ;)

I've gotten so much better since then, making lots of music. Naturally i've never quit using Samplitude and as crazy as it might sound, i'm still using stock plugins almost exclusively to do whatever i want, with my workflow getting more and more optimized.

My recent album should be a good representation of the level i got to so far with this software.

So many styles, check it out. ^_^




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