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Hello friends --

I have been using Sequoia 13 for 4.5 years.  I recently returned my "work" codemeter and am now attempting to use a codemeter (plus manual and installation discs) I purchased from another engineer November 2018.  However, it says that Sequoia has reached the maximum allowed number of simultaneous devices.  I looked it up on the MAGIX website, and it looks like the issue is with anything that has the P2- serial number.  And that you just have to contact Technical Support to get it approved.  (Is that correct?)  That's fine, but -----

  • I submitted a ticket last week and haven't received a response (other than the confirmation).
  • I submitted a ticket today and haven't received a response (other than the confirmation).
  • I've sent a message via Facebook and haven't received a response.
  • I've purchased a telephone support credit and when I call the number is asks for the code, rings, and then hangs up after a bit.
  • I've called three other numbers I've found listed by MAGIX (none work)
  • I've got a fourth number that is a *maybe*, but says the lines are full.
  • I've emailed two email address and haven't received a response (other than the confirmation).

I'm at a standstill here, and I really need to dig in to source destination.  I had a few days to spare, but I'm past that point now.

Any insight / suggestions on how to reach MAGIX?  And on how to use a copy of Sequoia 13 that I'm literally holding in my hand?

Thank you,


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Update: I've uninstalled and reinstalled Sequoia and tried both Sequoia 13 numbers already registered to me as well as the latest (3rd) one, and they all give the same error.  When I read Terms during installation, it confirmed that I would definitely need Technical Support to add it to a new machine.

MAGIX - are you out there?????

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