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Guest Rick Hale

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Guest Rick Hale

Hi! My name is Rick Hale,  I wondered how to automate Vandal in Pro X4 Suite?  I would like to automate the rate/ depth of some of the pedals on a track, and I can't figure out if there is a way to automate these controls in Vandal.  Cheers!

Rick Hale

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Hi Rick,

In Vandal, you see at the top a blue window (Console) in the center which displays the template's name, below Remote 1, thru Remote 5

On the right, below the tuning window, you see a symbol for a wrench, click on that and look at my attached image.

For example, I put for Remote 1 Bass Amp: Gain, leave the middle as is, on the right move the slider to the right.

In your track with Vandal on it, open automation options and choose Remote 1, apply some curve for testing.


I have not tried that midi learn option that you see here, check the manual p. 893.

Hope that helps,





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This is what I got to work with midi learn.

1) You need to put Vandal like a VSTi on a track, and route your midi controller to it, just like any VSTi. BUT, don't try to play notes if that's a keyboard with sliders and knobs unless you edit the "global preferences" in Vandal and turn Key switches off, but oups, you cannot turn all of them off -> failure.

2) Assign midi ctrl. with midi learn or selecting a controller from the list.

3) Move Vandal to an Aux Bus, or to a slot e.g. after a VSTi, it still should read you data coming from a midi controller.

4) You cannot assign midi controller when Vandal is inserted after a VSTi.

Page 893 missed one essential point, how to route your midi data from you controller to Vandal. Hardware controller and easy peasy learn doesn't work at all.

It took me two f#$%ing hours to figure this out!! :angry2:

BTW, X4 comes with a different version of Vandal then X3 - didn't see that in the What's New? Department of the Manual.

Cheers, I already had some drinks.


ps. all that, sometimes it works, sometimes not

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