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My band's debut album (done with ProX)


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Just wanted to share this, as we've just finished up our debut album and put it online.
My band 'The Board' is into alternative rock & indie, we're Berlin-based (although I'm the only German guy, the others are from Cape Town & Wales).

Just formed the band in 2017, wanted to write 3 or 4 songs, put them online to get gigs. That was the plan. In the end we had 10 tracks, so we went for an album.

Done entirely in ProX 3, I played all drums through my E-kit into Addictive Drums, bass is processed through Vandal, guitars are just miked up as-is. Only used internal plugins, along with u-he Presswerk & Satin, and Voxengo Span.

If you like it, let us know on FB, subscribe & spread the word (we could need it...) :)





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I don't like editing much if I can do a better take. Generally only edit technical faults like double triggers or velocity issues. A lot on my kit is highly modded DIY (normal shells with mesh heads, real (perforated low-volume) cymbals with my own sensoring underneath etc., so it plays mostly like an acoustic) but sometimes there's some garbage in the data stream that is definitely not from my limbs.
But the e-kit is only a temporary solution (or for bar gigs sometime), we'd go for an a-kit as soon as we find a right (permanent) space.

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