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Lookin' Tough, Feelin' Good

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So, while trying to figure out why Samp is sluggish, I wondered what it must be like for you guys who actually ride it like you stole it.  95% of what I do is mastering (running one stereo track) and the other 5% is voiceover and miscellaneous "low-horsepower" stuff.  I've never put Samplitude "to the test" like I'd imagine most people use it regularly.  Wanted to see what that was like and reminisced about my mixing days in the process.  

Wandered over to Telefunken to grab some "demo" tracks - Found Turkuaz's "Lookin' Tough, Feelin' Good" stuffed away in there.  Catchy tune, great musicians, etc.  Loaded them all into Samplitude (PX4 for the record) and an hour or so later, came up with this:  https://www.massivemastering.com/upload/files/users/DIRECT/TURKUAZ - Lookin Tough - Feelin Good.mp3  (Note:  Yes, I realize it has some rough edges - this was a "see what the software will do" exercise - not a "do I still know how to mix" exercise).  

Even took a photo to prove that I can use more than 2 tracks (attached, I guess).  

Anyway -- I wasn't wasting a lot of time so I kept it simple - Almost all stock plugs (I think I used Waves Manny reverb though).  EQ engaged on everything even if it didn't really need it, EFX plus all over the place.  Gates, compressors, snare's verb, chorus.  Ecox for the delay (what a freaky unit - never tried it before).  25-ish tracks, everything went to a buss (lightly processed all the busses also), those busses went to a main buss (where I eventually inserted Waves SSL comp just for fun), ran it out through the garden here and back in. 

No glitches, no issues, used some 32-bit plugs just to give it a twist, I don't think my DSP or Disk ever topped 30% -- Typically in the mid teens.  

IN OTHER WORDS (long story short), it didn't make a difference what I was doing.  Two tracks or 25 tracks.  Samp's performance was basically the same.  

What's my point?  I have no idea.  I was expecting it to be a horrendous ordeal.  But I came out of it missing my old studio days instead.  It was actually really fun.  But in any case, it's nice (?) to know that Samp is either equally wonderful or equally crappy across the board.  Back in the day (I mean back when it was Sek'd and what not) you added tracks and it added pain.  Meh...  


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