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Recording simultaneously on two seperate computers?


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First post from me.

I've been using Samplitude for a number of years now, and would like to thank Kraznet on his great tutorials on a fantastic piece of software.

What I'm trying to work out is, how to record on two separate computers simultaneously.

My scenario is, I have one tower PC over at the bands rehearsal room running ProX3 with a Delta 1010lt sound card with 8 audio inputs, I've also got a laptop running ProX3 which I use with a Focusrite  scarlett 2i2. What I'm trying to achieve is to record drums on the 8 tracks of the Delta AND record two guide guitar tracks on the laptop at the same time. Then I would like to export the two tracks from the laptop into the samplitude session on the tower PC and hope it syncs up in time.

Is there a way of doing this? as I don't really want to buy another audio interface with more inputs.



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2 minutes ago, resolectric said:

Unfortunately it seems the Focusrite 2i2 doesn't allow for Clock sync, either as a Master or a Slave.

Thanks for you reply resolectric. Yeah, that's what i thought about the focusrite, just wondered if if was possible to sync over MIDI or USB?

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syncing with a clock is a good advice.

The other thing is the audio streaming and splitting. Thought about Dante or AVB networking and a gigabit converter? have a look to cisco company for that.

audio networking is a special field, though, which needs good advice for making wise investments.

Dante is common at the moment causing some liscensing costs, AVB is a norm which does not cause further costs with liscensing, but is not too wide spread in the audio community.

Once you managed the conversion of a audio stream on your internal networking system, things become pretty easy connecting wise. You need a audio interface for that, which supports a networking norm. Usually you do it from there with Ethernet connections.

I figure it out myself at the moment for slaving additional machines. so far my experience. I tend to walk the AVB route.

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