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Control Change Midi Programs in Independence


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In reference to Midi Programs (2012 Manual, p. 50), here is how to do it:

1)    Set up some banks with midi programs in Independence, as described.
2)    To select banks, use midi controller “32 Bank LSB”, start with 0 (In Samplitude's event viewer from left to right: Ctrl Ch, 1, 32 Bank LSB, 0). 
3)    To select programs, use midi controller “Program Change”, start with 1 (In the event viewer from left to right Progr Ch, 1 [midi ch], 1 to 127 [Prg.#], blank) 
4)    Make sure the sequence in events is 1) Bank, 2) Program, 3) Note

Samplitude can extract the midi controller “32 Bank LSB” as an automation curve. It won't extract the midi ctrl for "Program Change."

The object editor’s program change function does not seem to communicate with Independence, that seems to be for GM only.

Comments welcome :-)


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