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Using 3rd party VSTs with midi files loaded in Independence

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The initial idea was to load a 3rd party VSTs into Independence to use the midi file feature, but this does not work. Mapped midi files play by default only an Independence instrument loaded in the same layer.

The linked thread discusses how to use midi files in Independence to play any other virtual instrument in Samplitude using midi thru, VST midi out, and VST midi out - recording.

In short:

1.a) In Independence, your layer with the midi file, turn on "midi thru" 

1.b) In Independence, Top Menu where it says Plug-in, enable "VST Midi out"

2.a) Create a Track in Sam with Kontakt or whatever, I am using SSD5 for that matter. 

2.b) In the Mixer, at the very top of the track strip select "VST Midi Out - Recording" 

Make sure it's all on the same channel, using "all" channels will work, too.

When you now hold the key mapped to the midi file in Indi on your Keyboard the midi signal flows -> Independence in -> convert to midi sequence -> midi thru -> VST Midi out of the Plugin Menu -> VST Midi Out - Record (in) on the track you selected.


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