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Seq15 - Automation Slider recording


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Dear Community,

when I try to record the automation slider in the Automation Section (say CC11- Expression) the moves are not written into the lane, nor into the object automation.

I choose every record mode from normal to replace in the transport window and tried every mode in the automation setting (touch, latch, overwrite) postiioned next to the slider. Not to confuse with the fader automation in the mixer, of course.

So, how to assign the automation slider to the automation lane?


An accompanying question could be: How to assign a hardware controller to write data into the automation lanes (not into the obejct automation)





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Will try


THX Terry. The automation is already written by a hardware controller. It unfortunately is recorded into the object automation, what I don´t intend. My aim would be to write curves to the lanes. The first thing here is how to let the slider write automation into the lane rather tha the object. I assume, that once I figured out the distiction between the different targetting of a hardware controller, the w has a basic approach to be solved entirely with its implications .


The problem here is that it is not obvious to me which automation target (object vs lane) is used by sequoia or how to change the behaviour. Would you assume that the assignment to that slider might help and its mere movement with the mouse is not effective at all for writing midi controller data? That is a chance.

I would think that the slider itself would write autoamtion curves.


So we have some aspects:

1) which automation target is written into in real time

2) is writing curves possible with the automation slider


If it has to be assigned with a hardware controller at all to be able to write automation:

3) assigning a hardware controller to the automation slider






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Hi BX,

Writing curves with the automation slider:

Change the automation mode (e.g., latch) and move a slider. It writes by default a volume curve, if you move the pan knob at the same time, you'll get a pan curve. I don’t see a way to re-assign controller numbers here;  let’s say I want C11 written into an automation lane.

Use a hardware controller and midi learn to control a slider in the mixer. Whatever controller data comes from your hardware, it will be converted into a volume curve, or a pan curve, or whatever you address.

You lost me when you wrote you can write, e.g., C11 directly into an automation curve (A lane! Not MIDI). Using Samplitude X3 here, I checked the manual of Sequoia, couldn’t find it ad hoc and of course I won’t study a manual of a Software that I don’t have.

Enlighten us how you achieved that.


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Hey Thomas,

Sorry, I can´t help with light. I would, but it´s mine to dwell in midi controlled darknesssss.

Somehow I managed to do writing onto the automation lanes with the software(!) slider inside the program (s. pic below) while moving it with the mouse, not my external hardware controller. I tried to connect it to a HW Controller, though, which did not work in first attempts. I hoped more on writing directly into the lanes with a Hardware Controller (no software slider assignment involved)



My hardware controller (set to CC11) always writes into the Midi Object´s automation only. Did not manage to write CC lane curves with a hardware controller (yet?)

I uploaded an impression of my status in the video,



Usually, it is a good way staying in the object automation as far as I am used to it in other DAWS (We talked that through, I know).

Its just not working same way on my first touch in Sequoia and the editing results after the hardware controller runs are not satisfying as far as I figured it out (yet). Please have a look. I guess, I am doing something not properly (wrong setting etc.), but I have no clue.

Please just forget the lanes for a minute :-). It was more an  idea for a workaround which led to the finding, that the lane´s curves could not be reimported into the object automation, which confuses the whole idea of a workaround thing more at the moment.



Maybe we can solve the issues written into the object automation as a first step.

Having object automation and automation lane curves for MIDI Controller data (CC) which obviously look and react different seems confusing to me. I don´t get the practical idea behind that at the moment... Just checkin


As ever: THX for your patience

Best regards


(P.S. I experience a very low data limit to upload files directly to show issues in videos. It is not possible to load up one or two short videos in one account as it seems. The error message here says, I am not allowed to upload more then 1.06 MB at the moment ;-)) Thus,  my only chance is the link above



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Hi BX,

Open a new project and write some controller data in a MIDI track, edit with the pencil tool, freehand or line drawing. You likely will see that you can overwrite anything without having multiple layers of controller curves.

Delete all that, now record some MIDI data, notes, and controller events. Record over the same track using overdubbing. You will see, that your notes of the 2nd pass as well all controller data of the 2nd pass have been added, i.e., MIDI controller data on top of one another.

I tried all that in another DAW and found a difference: When I recorded MIDI in overdubbing mode the controller data coming from my mod-wheel were nicely overwritten. That is what you want, but what you don’t get in Sequoia. That’s the end of the story, all you can do is delete a section and re-enter controller values.

There might be also a chance, that your project misbehaves. When in doubt, start a new project and explore what you want to do.


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Dear Thomas,


Of course we can find workarounds (drawing the curve from scratch, deleting before a new realtime run (but no finetuning possible)), okay.

My idea was checking best chances and most of the restrictions with your experience, me being a newbie in Seq´s MIDI department to start off here a bit for getting a feel for the software. Very helpful conversation over the last days (and nights). I received a good overview with you updating my knowledge on that big time, of course. THX!!


The overall drawing method without repeated real time recording (overdubs) of cc data seems to be the best shot, that you suggest regarding the interfering real time and post edit issues in the OE.

Comparing standards  a bit: How does DP handle the object automation? Does it write continuous data on top of the old curves regarding overdubs or manual post editing? Can you switchover  from object´s to lane automation with CC11? How would you use both (object and lane automation)?

It seems to me that the overall curve point resolution in Seqs/Samps Object Editor is too high for a more practical application of the post editing and finetuning of the midi curves, yet. The idea of creating the visual impression of a good looking data flow area in the OE of course is hip, though. Kind of mathematical process with summation of tallest possible  squares (lim->infinity), as far as I can remember it .


It seems not to be possible to completely (continuously) overwrite old curves with hardware controller overdubs in the object automation (midi editor) to me. It would help the focus onto a more "intuitional" approach not to have to delete the curves to avoid interference of layered data,  but rather do further work on some portions of it for improvements (additional hardware controller overdubs).  If I - regarding this behaviour - would walk the route of deleting some spots of the whole curve for writing it again from scratch, the problem occurs to be, that inner portions of the midi editors curves seem not to be delete-able (in my experience).


Did you find chances to overwrite cc curves in the midi editor (object automation) without artefacts for a continuous flow of the automation curve? (i.e. chance to reduce the midi editor curve´s resolution in some settings etc.)

Again: Just testing Seqs (Samps) MIDI within a 30 day trial period. Please give me a clue, when I am incorrect with my findings so far.

THX so much!!

Best regards


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