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SEQ15 - Multi-Instrument 60 tracks


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13 hours ago, byxx said:

Seq15 autocreates 60 tracks with a Kontakt instrument as a Multi. How to reduce the number to 16 autocreated tracks.

Hi @byxx!

As I can see it's not possible anymore, the Kontakt plugin reports all available outputs to Seq/Sam and you can't change that within Kontakt.

Up to Kontakt version 5 there was 3 versions of the plugin: the full 64 output version, a 8 output and a 16 output version.

Unfortunately NI seems to have removed the 8 & 16 output plugin from Kontakt 6.

In Independence you can define how many outputs you want but that's not possible in Kontak.

What you can do is to set up the mixer in Kontakt with 16 stereo channels and assign them to separate outputs in Kontakt, 

save that as an output section preset and also save current output section state as default for: VST plugin (the old VST 8 & 16 outputs still listed to confuse so don't select any of them)

Restart Kontakt to activate the changes.

When you load Kontakt in Seq/Sam this will give you 16 stereo track + 4 stereo AUX and will use 40 of Kontakts outputs and the rest of the unassigned outputs will appear after the AUX's so you can easily delete these.

Best, Thomas

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Great, Totte!!


Was not experienced in that, so thanks for the background in handling KONTAKT. ...Will try routing manually or add and delete with your mixer preset configuration.


Also found this for auto setting up the channels in Kontakt. (Clear output section and create one individual channel for each loaded instrument). How to delete the 4 Aux tracks. Would you need those AUXes for playing back the Kontakt instruments? In my view they act as normal stereo channels, which can be renamed also...






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