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Vandal - question for Sascha

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Sascha, though I have other guitar speaker box emulators (via my Axe FX, a gazillion IR's etc) I still very much like the tone of your "speaker boxes", inside Vandal.

Question - will this ever be updated, or "improved" upon?

Cheers and I hope you are well,




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Hm, I doubt so. Not sure who at samdev has the will to wade through that code & do additions there. To be honest, developing the speaker sim in Vandal had been one the most time-consuming and tedious tasks in its development, with many incarnations and back&forth. It's basically a (nonlinear) filter bank, paired with two reverb models (one for the acoustic space, one for the enclosure), and it feeds back on itself. AFAIR it even feeds back into the amp, as to simulate damping factor, but not sure if I disabled that later on... the whole speaker sim is a beast, and the amount of grey hair I'm developing must have been because of that ;)

I guess - in hindsight - a more flexible choice would be to throw IRs at it, although I'd do multiples and sort of do it dynamically (although not sure if that would be subject to patent infringements), or combine it with the filter-bank approach somewhat. But, you see, it's still quite challenging to do when you're basically developing a DAW as the main project, and I don't see it justifying a man-year of a Dresden DSP guy on-the-side while potentially being needed for the core app.

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