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Samplitude,Bouncing down Crash on 99%


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 First off im New to this Forum, So Hi ! (& sorry if i have osted this in the wrong section) i'm using Samplitude pro X suite 3 on Pc, everythings been fine since about a week ago when i iploaded a Wav audio file into a track an Error Message kept coming up right out of the blue, but the track would still work fine, so i thought nothing of it, since then on completing the mix ive done, when i bounce down the Final Mix to my Drive it gets to 99% and the program just closes ??, so i havent got all of the Mix file only 99% of it, i havent installed anything new. Pc is up to date ,Any help would be great, Really struggling with this one. all the Best Kevin.

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"An error message," eh? ;-)

Write it down next time (as you know to do now!) :-D

It might be the WAV file is in a sample rate that is not the same as the project sample rate. In that case, converting the WAV to the correct sample rate and dropping that version into place might fix things up.

Let us know! And welcome to the forum!


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