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Load Music Maker Instruments in Independence?

Guest windblown

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Guest windblown


Quick question: Is it at all possible to load Music Maker's instruments (e.g. Vita) in Independence?

I've managed to use the "add library" button (which worked fine) and get my instruments to display in Independence:

However, I'm unsure where to go from here. Right clicking any of the layers yields no way for me to select the loaded libraries:


I'm using Independence Free. Is this perhaps not a supported feature in the free version? Would I need to buy the full version? Am I doing something wrong in general?


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Hi windblown!

The quick answer is No ...

not in any Independence versions, the sounds only work within their own Vita instrument.

I've noticed that most Vita Instrument sounds are based of the Independence Pro library or Best Service Engine libraries.

Engine from Best Service is a re-skinned version of Independence Free so their commercial libraries can also be loaded in all versions of Independence ...

You can get the Engine Artist Library, a 2,5 GB collection of sound from their libraries as a free fully working demo at: www.bestservice.com

Which version number is your Independence Free? I thinks it needs to be 3.5 to be able to load the latest Engine libraries ... if it's a older version then you can download Engine as well.

Best, Thomas

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