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Copy protection of custom instrument...


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Wondering if there's anyway for us to have copy protection or something for custom instrument/samples/paches?

For instance I'm thinking of sampling/ programming something along the lines for a guitar instrument like ample sound guitar and bass vsti (wish there was a way to re-skin independence by the way) any info would help, think this kind of thing would maybe help get independence a little more popular.

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Got my answer for anyone else interested. They could have at least said "best services might be able to help you .." as I know some of their library creators use the magix sampling tech for their stuff. It's a shame that they just neglect this great sampler... Suppose a year from now I've got a great library... Think I'd now be more inclined to release it for native instruments.

Email from magix support manager:

 Thank you for your message.

It is of course possible to save your patches as Instruments/presets and share those, but customers can not copy protect them in any way or add skins to make them "theirs".

With kind regards,

MAGIX Software GmbH
Florian Simon
Postfach 500109
01067 Dresden - Germany

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