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The Board - Melancholia


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Here's something fresh & new from my band. Not the world's most happiest song, though, but it's also not the time for party right now.
We've recorded most parts just before the coronavirus lockdown but had to finish up on it in isolation. The outcome is not perfect, but nothing is these days.


- drums recorded with just 4 mics (was just a test take, but erm...)
- guitar amps the usual sm57 way
- vocals with Beta57a
- Samplitude ProX3
- VSTis: 3x u-he Hive 2, 1x Repro-1
- processing: many instances of u-he Presswerk, Uhbik-A, Samp's eFX VocalStrip, eFX Gate, eFX De-Esser, eFX Limiter, Samp's EQ, Multiband Stereo etc.

Enjoy, like & share - and whoever uses Spotify, help us by putting us into your (public) playlist.



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wow, toll und so schön. Gefällt mir sehr gut der Song.
Toller Sänger. Stimme gefällt mir auch sehr gut.

Danke dir Sascha.
Und auch vielen Dank an die Band.

Ach, Perfektion wird gerne überschätzt. ;)
Musik sollte berühren. Das erreicht man nicht mit perfektem Sound, aber mit guter Musik.

Viele Grüße

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