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Could not launch ARA 2 Spectralayers in Pro X5


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Have a working Pro X5 and a working Spectralayers 6 even with ARA 2 in Reaper but in Samplitude have this Error message saying that it could not load the .dll

I have kept everything default concerning install path... and the folder is existing with the demanding file on my drive, so no clue yet...

Sorry wrong forum for this post.


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Just now, Kraznet said:

It's a known bug which I reported the other day so they are working on it. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Regards, Kraznet

Thank you Kraznet for your reactivity here. I am disappointed though, but hope it will be fixed soon...

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I have ProX5 and SL7... I have managed to get 'Edit in SpectraLayers' working fine (launching external application) but no sign of any ARA2 integration. It still says on the Magix website that it is a feature of ProX5 (one of the reasons I upgraded...) but it doesn't seem to exist. I can see Kraznet said above that it is reported as fixed, but I can't see that it is. Help!

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Lucky You. I have the same problem, but unsolved. When I try to load SpectraLayers Pro 7 (7.0.30 Build 251) inside my Samplitude Pro X5 Suite ( I very often get a message: "Failed to load VST plug-in: ARA."  And I can't use SpectraLayers.  Sometimes loading works fine. Sometimes closing and opening Samplitude several times helps.

SpectraLayers.vst3 -file  is in two folders: 1) C>Program Files>Steinberg>SpectraLayers7>ARA>VST3  and 2) C>Program Files>Common Files>VST3.

The VST/ReWire window points both paths. I have also tried one at a time. Automatic scanning of VST folders is on .

Any ideas are welcome. I have presented this problem also in "Samplitude software related topics"-forum.

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