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VST browser window is too big for my screen


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I use ProX 3 and my problem is, that when I want browse VST's, the window is too big for my screen and I can't see all of my plugins. after letter S. This problem occured, because I have few bundles and some of them appear in the right way, I mean for example Waves-arrow-then my all Waves, but some of them appear separately, not like bundles and take the place. Is there any simple way to switch to second window or some trick around rescanning, which allows, that all bundle plugins appear under main bundle name with arrow. I tried rescan the whole vst plugins folder, but it doesn't help. Any idea?
Thanks in advance.

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I guess these plugins are installed/placed directly in the VST plugins folder without any sub folder.

You could create a sub folder for these bundles in the VST folder and move all the files from that bundle to the sub folder,

then you will get the sub folder name-arrow in the plugin menu with the plugins listed there.

Best, Thomas

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I switched to clean, new system and to SSD.  When I scan my Waves plugins, the too big window appears again, as written above. I tried place plugins to subfolders, but now this doesn't help. I'm on Win7x64 and Samp Prox3 still, because I have pretty old maschine. How to solve this problem? Some window switching function?
Thanks in advance!

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