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coreFX Limiter

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I had the opportunity to be able to use the 'Free trial' version of the ‘coreFX Suite’ and I must say that I am very impressed!

From the first time I saw this new suite on the MAGIX website, I suspected it was just a new makeup for old known plugins (‘internalFX’), but in the exhaustive tests I did to convince myself, I was strongly convinced otherwise. The classic 'InternalFX' and the new 'coreFX' are definitely NOT the same thing - they are not even a mere dismemberment of the same thing!

As I said before, the interface of this new suite was inspired by the classic plugins 'InternalFX' such as, for example, the 'coreFX 2-Point Compressor' is a clear allusion to the good old 'Advanced Dynamics' (in 'Compressor 2' mode). However, although it has been on the market for a long time, I have not seen any technical review so far. The available manual is outdated and does not provide satisfactory content.

My biggest interest was to test the new 'coreFX Limiter'. Its interface is clearly coming from 'Advanced Dynamics' in 'Limiter' mode - which is good because immediately the new plugin presents itself as something very familiar!

I spent hours doing tests on several different monitors with exported files. The devices I used for playback ranged from household items with common playbacks (even on two cars), to those in my father-in-law's studio, a more conducive and professional environment.

As I focused exclusively on the new limiter, I cannot testify about the other processors - which now I have no doubt that they will also be able to surprise very positively.

My hierarchy of limiters has always been spearheaded by AM-Munition, followed by the great processors from iZotope, in particular the 'Maximizer' and the 'Vintage Limiter'.

The 'coreFX Limiter' gained space of honor in this hierarchy. In my tests, it proved to have a very pleasant saturation, which left him in a clearly victorious position in relation to the 'iZotope Maximizer' (in 'IRC IV' mode). The sound texture offered by these iZotope processors has always appealed to me a lot and the new 'coreFX Limiter', if calibrated accordingly, not only offers that same texture but also makes it more crystalline, clean, crisp and dynamically more remarkable - with him the music seems to breathe better.

I dare say, yet, that this new limiter is better than the 'sMAX11', even though that the former one does not have 'True Peak'. To my ears, 'sMAX11' delivers a narrower sound when compared to 'coreFX Limiter', and this is probably due to the saturation built into the new processor - I can't say for sure, but that's my guess. Furthermore, it seemed to me that the new processor knows how to handle transients much better, even with the 'sMax11' configured in the 'Hard-Clipper' Modus - the result delivered by 'coreFX' is much more dynamic, so to speak.

As a result, 'coreFX Limiter', as expected, delivered in my tests better quality than 'Advanced Dynamics' (in 'Limiter' mode), both with the same configuration - something very easy to obtain, since the former emulates the latter's interface. They are definitely not the same thing!

The similarities with 'Advanced Dynamics', as said, are evident. A simple comparison of the images below eliminates any doubts regarding the source of inspiration. The same is true of the 'coreFX 2-Point Compressor' when compared to the 'Compressor 2' mode of 'Advanced Dynamics'.

However, the similarities and my teasing stop there. While the quality of the plugins contained in the so-called 'InternalFX' package is unquestionably great, the new 'coreFX' processor suite, in my opinion, goes further and is a very welcome addition that maintains the Samplitude tradition in hosting excellent quality plugins.

So, the new ‘coreFX Limiter’ deserves a place of prominence in the most ambitious and demanding arsenals of similar processors and should already be treated by the specialized press as another great professional limiter available, an adjective deserved with honor on merit!

Thank you for reading this message. I felt compelled to write it.

Advanced Dynamics (Limiter).PNG

coreFX Limiter.PNG

Advanced Dynamics (Compressor 2).PNG

2 Poit Compressor.PNG

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This is great info. AM-Munition is my go-to for boost, compression and limiting. I wish I didn't spend so much on other tools I didn't really need... or just end up never using much. I recently used the ColorFX Tube and Tape Saturation plugins are nice as well.

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