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Pianos missing bottom A and A#?

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As you know, the distance from B to C is 13 half-steps. Universally it is known that "13" is an unlucky number, and so, as luck would have it, the A and A# got lopped off.

That is the only reason I can imagine for it, but perhaps someone else has more information.


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I don't have Independence on my laptop and I'm away from home so I can't test this properly, but I loaded the Vita Grand. Looking at the on-screen keyboard, it goes down to C-2. It plays the bottom two notes A and A# that you mention, which are just below C0, but nothing below that. Are you trying to go lower than that?

Ok. I'm at home and you are quite right, two keys are missing from the bottom in Independence. Strange.

And the Vita Concert Grand does not have the same quality as Independence.

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